Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not Everything Turns Out

Several months ago I bought 3 hanks of Berroco Seduce yarn in Lagoon (4419).

I bought this beautiful rich colored yarn with the intent of knitting a beautiful stay put shawl for my mother.  I knew that she would love the color and was very excited to get started.  I started knitting it and just did not like the way it looked so I unraveled it and put the yarn in my stash.  This past weekend while organizing my yarn I looked in my stash and decided I would knit a fast scarf with the yarn and wanted it very light and easy.  So I decided to knit with 13US needles and just do a garter stitch for the whole scarf.  Once I got the scarf to about the right length I cast off my stitches and took a serious look at the scarf.  I loved the open stitch but HATED the way the edges looked.  To put it bluntly they were just UGLY.  I even tried to crochet (I hate to crochet) the edges but did not like that either.  Needless to say...I unraveled the whole scarf and pitched the yarn back into my stash.

Today I went into my favorite yarn shop and told Pearl about my experience and that I just did not like the yarn since I could not seem to knit anything with it that I was happy with.  Just about then a lady came into the shop who designs patterns and has a beautiful scarf hanging in Loopville knitted out of Seduce yarn.  I told her my dilemma and of course the first thing she asked me is...did you wet block the scarf?  I felt like such an idiot...of course I hadn't even tried to block the scarf!

The moral of this story is...sometimes things just do not turn out right and sometimes you just give up without doing the most obvious thing...blocking your work!

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