Monday, February 6, 2012

Magic Knot - Amazing

I saw a link to this great video today on @BlueSkyAlpacas Twitter and had to share it.  I just used it to join two balls of yarn together and it worked great.


  1. I've tried this and it is amazing ~ only thing is, I seem to get a small hole where the knot is. Any suggestions~I'd love to keep using this method; except for that small hole it works great. (maybe I'm just being too picky).

  2. I only use this method for heavier yarns and make sure that I pull the knots really tight. I have not noticed that it leaves holes but it does work best with garter stitch!

    1. Thanks so much ~ I'm knitting a baby blanket out of cotton and it has a seed stitch border. I haven't started a new ball of yarn yet, but I think I'll give it a try on the border. I don't like the idea of weaving in cotton; it tends to be slippery and I'm always afraid it will come undone.