Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Pattern Find - Reversible Winter Capelet

While searching Ravelry today I found an amazing pattern that I just have to knit for my daughter Meghan.  She is obsessed with all things Anthropologie and this will be perfect for her.  The reversible Winter Capelet Pattern is the creation of Julia Allen and the pattern can be found on her blog at Peony Knits and the inspiration is the First Frost Capelet out of Anthropologie's Winter 05 Catalog.

Yarn: 1 ½ balls of Rowan Polar (or similar gauge yarn – Polar is now discontinued)

Needles: 11 US (8.0mm) needles, or size needed to get gauge.

Gauge: 12 st and 16 rows over 4” in reverse stockinette stitch

CO 49 st. This makes a S-M* with 16" neckline.

*For exact sizing, measure around your neck at the collarbone, and multiply the gauge (per
inch!) by that measurement. If that number is even, add one st to get your CO amount.
Knit in 1 x 1 rib for 2 inches to create neckline
Raglan Increases: You will need 4 stitch markers to separate the body into 5 sections:
left front, left sleeve, back, right sleeve, right front.

*If you’re following your own measurements, divide the total CO# by 6 to get the number of
stitches for each of the front and sleeve sections (for example, in the sample pattern, I CO 49, so
each front and sleeve section would have 8 st). Multiply that number by 2 to get the number of
st for the back section. (I had 16). You may need to add or subtract one stitch to get the total to
add up to the CO amount. Please note: This is the number of stitches in each section BEFORE
the yarn over increases. To get a total # of st AFTER increasing, add 1 to each front section, 2 to
each sleeve, and 2 to the back (8 st total increased)

Raglan Row 1 (RS): k2, p6, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p15, yo, pm, p1, yo,
p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p6, k2 (57 st total, 8 have been increased)
Raglan Row 2 (and all WS rows): knit all stitches
Row 3 (and all RS rows): k2, *p to next marker, yo, sl marker, p1, yo* repeat from *
3 more times, p until last 2 st, k2
Continue raglan increases until sleeve measures the circumference of your upper arm.
End with a WS row.

Split sleeves and body:
RS: k2, p to 1st marker, move all st from 1st to 2nd marker onto scrap yarn (right
sleeve). P to 3rd marker. Move all st from 3rd to 4th marker onto another piece of scrap
yarn (left sleeve). P to last 2 st, k2.
WS: Knit all st
Continue in reverse stockinette stitch for 4 more rows (with k2 at each edge of the row)
Switch to 1 x 1 rib, for 5 rows. BO all st

Pick up all st, one sleeve at a time from scrap yarn.
Work back and forth in 1 x 1 rib for 5 rows.
BO all st
Seam ribbing on sleeves

That’s it, you’re done! This is easy, I swear!

Finish with a pin at the neck, or sew a button on, whatever you want! The other cool
thing about this, it’s reversible! I like the reverse st side better, it’s more vintage looking.

Abbreviations for this pattern:
pm = place marker
reverse st st = reverse stockinette stitch (purl on RS, knit on WS)
RS = right side (front)
scrap yarn = a piece of yarn in a contrasting color to hold unused stitches
sm = slip marker
st st = stockinette stitch (knit on RS, purl on WS)
WS = wrong side (reverse)
yo = yarn over (in this case, since you’re on the purl side, bring the yarn around the
needle once so it’s in purl position for the next stitch)


  1. that is sooo cute! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I am really looking forward to giving it a try...doesn't it look just like something Meghan would wear! By the way, thanks for following me!